The Interesting Tips When Travelling Cat Ba Island

Standing behind the shadow of Ha Long Bay, little known, Cat Ba Island with Lan Ha Bay is quite pristine and attractive. With crystal clear beaches, national parks and exciting experiences such as kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving, travelers can explore the small village far from the town. The road is one side of the sea, the other is rock Mountains, salt fields. You can also immerse in the untouched wild beach. The impression of Cat Ba Island in its first time is a deserted, pristine and attractive place. The rock mountains rise in the middle of the sea, covered with green grass. Visitors can climb the kayak to the Monkey Island and through a large cave called Light cave, surprised to find themselves in the middle of a lake surrounded by the rock Mountains, the scene was overwhelmed. Then climb the highest mountain in Monkey Island, seeing the Lan Ha Bay from above to feel the majestic here.

This article will share some experiences so visitors have a convenient and memorable trip to Cat Ba Island.

The first, 2 days 1 night is the best time for your journey and you should come here in the summer to enjoy the clean and green water. Besides, you'd better have Cat Ba tourism on normal days because it's very crowded and the price is very expensive during the holidays.

The second thing is how will we move to this Island? There are many ways and means of transportation to reach the Cat Ba Island, but in the end, you still have to take a ferry or speedboat. There are 3 major piers: Cai Vieng, Binh and Dinh Vu.

The third – the most important thing: places shouldn’t be missed when coming to Cat Ba Island. You can visit the famous beaches of Cat Ba first if your purpose is to go to the beach. In Cat Ba, there are 3 well-known beaches: Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3. Cat Co 1 beach is the most crowded, Cat Co beach 3 is pristine and clean. Cat Co 2 the most beautiful scenery. From the town of motorbike taxi or electric bus here only 10 thousand dongs per person. There is also a beach on Monkey Island, but to get there you have to take a boat, however, compensating for the water in the Monkey Island is very clear and beautiful. Next, take a visit to the fortress, where you can have a panorama view of Cat Ba. Then, come to the Cat Ba national park where is home to hundreds of different animals. Cross the trails and climb to the highest point of the national forest, you will see the grandeur of the island. The mountains are undulating, sharp like shark teeth in the back. Everywhere covered in a blue color. This place is really fresh and cool. Another interesting place is Monkey Island. You can take a boat ride or hire a kayak to experience the feeling between the immersion waves.

The final, let’s enjoy the Cat Ba cuisine. Cat Ba is famous for seafood such as lobster, pink fish, squid, fish song, ,…etc. If you want to have a delicious and cheap meal, you can go to Cat Ba seafood market and choose the seafood you like then hold a BBQ party on the beach. Eating in the restaurant, the price will be higher but the chefs make up their own secrets to bring a special flavor.

And don’t forget to take lots of pictures to capture the beautiful moments during the trip.