The Dishes We Should Try In Ha Noi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, the economic and cultural center of the country. This is also the place of entertainment, ideal destination for many visitors with countless famous landmarks. In addition, the ancient capital Thang Long is also famous for its rich and unique cuisine which attract many visitors to enjoy. These following dishes are irresistible foods you have to try at least once when coming to Ha Noi.

The first specialty is Pho Ha Noi: Hot noodle soup, delicious broth, eat along beef or chicken, bring rich feelings to eat when coming to Hanoi. This is one of the traditional food in Viet Nam and regarded to be the most famous one. The thin, tough and soft noodles have fusion with beef cutting sliced, cooked again with a little bit of scallion and lemon, chili. The flavor of the noodle bowl depends on the way of cooking and different in each region of Vietnam. In Hanoi, visitors can try some popular pho restaurants such as pho Suong in Dinh Liet, Ly Quoc Su noodle, Pho Bat Dan, Pho Thin, etc.

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The Interesting Tips When Travelling Cat Ba Island

Standing behind the shadow of Ha Long Bay, little known, Cat Ba Island with Lan Ha Bay is quite pristine and attractive. With crystal clear beaches, national parks and exciting experiences such as kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving, travelers can explore the small village far from the town. The road is one side of the sea, the other is rock Mountains, salt fields. You can also immerse in the untouched wild beach. The impression of Cat Ba Island in its first time is a deserted, pristine and attractive place. The rock mountains rise in the middle of the sea, covered with green grass. Visitors can climb the kayak to the Monkey Island and through a large cave called Light cave, surprised to find themselves in the middle of a lake surrounded by the rock Mountains, the scene was overwhelmed. Then climb the highest mountain in Monkey Island, seeing the Lan Ha Bay from above to feel the majestic here.

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